The story behind the evolution of Rock and Roll fashion from the 50s to 2020.

Rock and roll

The word ‘Rock’ is something that is very familiar to all of us. Rock and Roll or sometimes being spelled as Rock n Roll, began to be known in the 1950s even though some had been involved with that music as early as in 1930s without realizing it. To talk about Rock and Roll scene, there is too much to be explained, especially from its culture, lifestyle, fashion and ideology!

On today’s article, we’d like to share about how current situation of an era can affect Rock and Roll music and fashion. Let’s check out the chronology of Rock and Roll from 1950 to 2020;

1950 – Elvis Presley is one of the pioneer icon of Rock and Roll scene as the roots of the music are said originally came from the America. At that time, the fashion of Rock and Roll was more on a neat and sharp suit with shiny look as they wanted to represent the western culture. Furthermore, Rock and Roll music is said to be derived from Jazz and Gospel music. Hence, it does make sense isn’t it?

Rosetta Tharpe & Elvis Presley as 50s Rock n Roll icon

1960 – In this era, previous US President J. F. Kennedy was assassinated, Texas was involved in the Vietnam War, and African-Americans begin to rebel which lead many Rock and Roll musicians try to bring the idea of peace with their music. They failed, anyhow.  So, many Rock and Roll followers started circulating and were more focused on the ‘war’ they had to face. That is when Rock and Roll music began to be led by the Brits such as The Beatles, The Kinks and Rolling Stones. Since then, Rock and Roll fashion began to carry the image of British suits and sometimes they often portrays the fashion sense of ‘Glam’.

60s British band – The Rolling Stones

1970 – US – Vietnam War ends in the 70s. Since then, most people in the US demanding for more relaxed music which indirectly brings a simpler fashion sense. But not in the UK, they continue with the Glam looks and they try to bring a different image with long hair and colorful outfit inspired by psychedelic hallucinations.

Black Sabbath portrays 70s Rock and Roll image

1980 – This is the era in which the legendary John Lennon was assassinated. In this time, Rock and Roll music has evolved towards Heavy Rock, Metal, and Glam Rock. The musical influence is becoming more widespread as well as fashion, it was influenced by a particular sub-genre of Rock and Roll at that time. That is why some people wear scarves, leather jackets, and some even wear studded clothes.

SYJ (SOFEA) a Glam Rock Band from Malaysia

1990 – One of the famous Rock and Roll band in the 90’s was Oasis from Manchester, UK. In those days, their clothing were simpler yet elegant, even though they often portrays a baggy looks. Parka, Suits, and Sportswear were their fashion preference.

The Gallagher brother from Oasis

2000 – The Libertines and Mando Diao were the representative of Rock and Roll band in the 2000s era. They combine various musical influences such as Rock, Blues, Gospel and Pop. Similarly to their fashion, Mando Diao always seen to wear Jackets, Suits and black shirts which influenced by Gospel bands. While The Libertines’ fashion is more towards Punk and represents Sub-Culture fashion from the UK.

A British sub-culture band; The Libertines

2010 – In this era, the touch of Rock and Roll music has been modernized and various genres of music were born in this era. However, a small number of musicians and bands still hold the influence of Rock and Roll music such as Miles Kane. Rock and Roll fashion these days, they were more “free” in showing off their fashion in line to their mood. Sometimes, they tend to wear Glam outfit like leopard print shirts, and sometimes they style their outfit with sportswear, suits and more!

Miles Kane dressing up in Glam looks

2020 – This year is better known as the Covid-19 pandemic era. Previously, this era was once said that flying cars will be existed. However, it is not the car that flies, but the progression of ​​having futuristic machine does “fly” somewhere else, instead. Perhaps lost in the universe. Everything is changing, so does the Rock and Roll fashion! Do you agree with the 2020 Rock and Roll fashion? * Please refer to the picture *

Rock and Roll in PPE Suits?

Lastly, we’re leaving you with writer’s random thoughts; Will Rock and Roll music disappear in the future? Will Rock and Roll fashion will be faded in the mainstream? What do you say?

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