Stuck in the 90s – 10 fashion trends which still looks fresh.

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The 1990s fashion brought a new minimalistic edge to oppose the 1980s fashion style, as well as with the help of alternative rock, metal, and grunge music the gothic and grunge style was extremely popular in the early 90s. The casual-chic ear began casual oversized tees with prints, oversized jeans and hoodies was a way to show anti-conformity to the rule o society. If you are into the fashion style of the 1990s and still prefer or have clothes from the 1990s. Do not worry a lot of fashion pieces from the 1990s made an amazing comeback to nowadays fashion.

90s Levis 501 jeans

1. Oversized jeans

Oversized jeans are popular as ever, not many might know but the trend of oversized jeans actually came from the 1990s. Oversized mom jeans with a pair of heels and a white t-shirt are one of the most casual attires of 2020. However, not only just oversized mom jeans are trendy in 2020, but wide-legged pants and flare jeans are brought back to fashion by a model Karlie Kross. Therefore, if you like the fashion of the 1990s, do not worry you can recreate that look and wear comfortable clothes in 2020 now.

90s Levi’s denim jacket

2. Oversized denim jackets

More popular than ever, oversized denim jackets came back to fashion years ago and still fresh and trendy in 2020. Oversized denim jackets go with pretty much anything any shoes, tops, bottoms. However, nowadays you can add prints, patches and even give them a little bit of a ripped rough look and that will make you stand out in the crowd. A cute pastel color or flower pattern dress with a baggy denim jacket and white sneakers is the perfect look for a casual outing or go to college.

90s oversized stripe t-shirt

3. Oversized tees

Oversized tees are the must-have items of a wardrobe. Going for a coffee, college, casual outing, shopping is best to keep your clothes comfortable and simple and an oversized t-shirt does this best. Minimum prints in black, white, or any other color you want oversized t-shirt fits perfectly over shorts or ripped jeans and if you want to add a little bit of femininity, a belt or a fanny pack will help to emphasize your waistline.

90s denim overall

4. Denim overalls

Denim overalls are also one of the items that came back from the 1990s and now rocking on streets of 2020s fashion style. The best thing about denim overalls is that you have countless varieties of them. You can choose tight denim overalls, baggy, or overall denim shorts, which are an extremely popular choice of summer outfits. Another, best part of the denim overalls is that you can wear any top under overalls and slip on a comfortable pair of shoes and you will still look fresh.

5. Cargo pants

Cargo pants one of the most comfortable bottom wear which was popular in the 1990s and made a remarkable comeback into fashion in 2020. Cargo pants can easily be worn as sports attire, casual attire, or even wear for a classy evening. Cargo pants go well with platform sports shoes, high heels, and almost any top. Just recently Bella Hadid rocked a pair of camo cargo pants on the streets of New York. If you want to feel comfortable and look fresh, a pair of cargo pants will serve you well.

7. Colorful windbreakers

Windbreakers are perfect jackets for rain and chilly weather; it is a perfect outfit to wear in cold weather. Colorful windbreakers are very popular in Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, etc. Therefore if you are trying to recreate Korean or Japanese street fashion, put on army boots, denim shorts, any tight shirt, and an oversized windbreaker and you are good to go. Colorful windbreakers add edge and color to your style.

8. Tracksuits

The most popular sportswear that made a big comeback is a tracksuit. A tracksuit is worn not only by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, etc.; but also can be worn by any person. The tracksuit with matching top and bottom comfortable, cozy, and can be worn for everyday outing and athletic events. If you want to add more edge to your tracksuit just put on bulky army boots and a coat for cold weather.

9. Mini backpacks

Mini backpacks were quite a popular accessory item in the 1990s and they did not lose its popularity in nowadays fashion as well. Mini backpacks are worn mostly by teenagers and young adults, also you can find mini backpacks of every luxury brand such as Gucci, YSL, Louis Viton, etc. as well as of ore affordable mainstream brands such as Hushpuppies, Adidas, Zara. Mini backpacks can be adjusted to any style and worn with almost any outfit, so it is a must-have item of your wardrobe.

10. Combat boots

Combat boots especially Dr. Martines brand are a very popular fashion item of 2020. Combat boots were very popular in gothic and grunge tyle fashion in the 1990s and made a huge comeback just recently. Nowadays, combat boots are still a very important item for a grunge look, however, now it is worn very often with flower pattern sundresses which adds uniqueness and a bit of masculinity into your style.

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