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  • 90s blouse

    This delightfully 90s blouse has the softest, smoothest feel to it! With a leaf motif that looks incredibly textured (the pictures don?t do it justice), it transports you to the magical realm of autumn effortlessly. Has removable shoulder pads. Measurements- Bust: Up to 42 inches Length: 28 inches Sleeve Length: 21.5 inches Material: Polyester

  • Tailor-made late 70s dress

    This tailor-made late 70s dress had Fugu Fugu gasping for air! Made of luxurious matte velvet with a smooth lining and comes with its own original belt. The dress?s color is a mysterious one ? looks dusty purple when bright, black when it?s night. Has some minor scuffing on the edge of one of the cuffs, and very slight discoloration at the collar (not very noticeable), reflected in price. Swipe to the end to see our friend who dropped in for a visit! Measurements – Bust: 34 inches Waist: 28 inches Length: 43 inches Sleeve Length: 23 inches Material: Likely a mix of polyester and cotton

  • 80s Jacket

    This incredible late 80s jacket is a rare gem that looks completely new! Dark denim with painstakingly hand-painted and hand sewn lotus flowers and dragonflies. Kitsch buttons with subtle rhinestones in the middle. This is a piece that?s been uniquely customized from the past. The denim is of the stiffer type and gives off a neat, bold silhouette when worn. Measurements – Bust: 34 inches Length: 23 inches Sleeve: 24 inches

  • Feminine Dress

    This black, feminine dress is from H&M?s archived collections. Dotted with colorful, small flowers with a material that really enhances the curves of your body. Has a flared skirt. Perfect for day-to-day! Measurements Bust: 32 inches (stretches up to 36 inches comfortably) Waist: 27 inches (stretches up to 29 inches comfortably) Length: 33 inches Material: 97% polyester 3% spandex

  • Vintage-inspired by 1950s Peggy Hunt

    This dress is uniquely vintage-inspired by 1950s Peggy Hunt (swipe to see!). With incredible embroidery and detailing, the skirt comprises of three layers for a flowy, ethereal feel. The waist band is completely embroidered with see-through panels! Sleeves and shoulders are sheer. Apparently made by an Asian boutique with its tag (removed for washing) stating an approximate RM 150 retail price. Measurements – Bust: Up to 36 inches Waist: 29 to 30 inches Sleeve: 19.5 inches Material: Polyester

  • Vintage Blouse

    Another piece of Malaysian vintage from the late 80s with a bold red flower motif. This piece is very comfortable, moderately-sheer, and really enhances the shape of your body! Note the little ruffles at the hem and end of sleeves which gives it an extra feminine feeling. Measurements Bust: 32 inches (stretches up to 44 inches!) Length: 20 inches Sleeve: 22 inch Material: Likely spandex lycra

  • Florrie Bell blouse

    This Florrie Bell blouse is just so quirky! Though honestly, Fugu?s not so sure whether the pattern is one of grapes or olives. Either way, Fugu wants to say to the blouse: ?You?re so grape, Olive you very much.? Comes with faux-wooden buttons that give off a rustic, fresh vibe. Wear this and prance into the vineyard! Measurements – Bust: Up to 42 inches Length: 30.4 inches Sleeve length: 9 inches

  • White Dress with Blue Wildflowers

    This white dress with blue wildflowers from Alicia Pageboy has a waist tie and a flared skirt is so sweet and charming that music will follow you wherever you go when you wear it! It?s also lined very nicely and is not see-through at all, which is rare for pure white clothes. Measurements- Bust: 34 inches Waist: 29 inches Length: 35 inches Material: Polyester

  • Vintage 80/90s beige-brown blouse

    This vintage 80/90s beige-brown blouse by La Sumer is one of Fugu?s absolute favorites! Lined with such interesting floral hollow embroidery on the bottom, it is reminiscent of a Kebaya blouse. It also comes with a detachable waist tie (attached with buttons). Can be worn two ways tucked in for a simple look (hiding the bottom embroidery), or out paired with a slim skirt. Has detachable shoulder pads. Very versatile and unique. The pictures do not do it justice at all! Measurements – Bust: Up to 39 inches Length: 28.5 inches Sleeve Length: 9 inches Material: Polyester

  • 90s Oversized Shirt

    This photogenic 90s oversized shirt has rose-patterned lace and faux-tortoiseshell buttons with a pressed-flower motif. Can be worn as an outer layer, on its own, with something layered inside, or even as a cardigan/covering. Comes with detachable shoulder pads. Made with stiff (not the soft kind) polyester that holds its shape. Measurements- Bust: Up to 42 inches Length: 33 inches Sleeve: 21.5 inches Material: Polyester

  • Vintage-inspired dress

    This vintage-inspired dress has a color like fine wine that’s regal and elegant. With an elastic corset waist and slight batwing sleeves, it really accentuates your body shape. Made of cloth that is study and wrinkle-free. Also — these sleeves! Suitable for: M to small L Bust: Up to 36 inches Waist: Free (elastic waistband – recommended for 29 inches or below due to buttons) Length 41.5 inches

  • Light Blazer

    Jin Abe is a Japanese designer who managed to make it in the French fashion scene way back in the 80s to 90s. He is known for combining both Western and Asian influences in his designs. This particular blazer/blouse is thin (not thick – perfect for Malaysia weather!) with an incredibly flattering fit that makes it look good on a range of different body sizes. Wear this beige beauty to conquer the world PS: Swipe to see a Jin Abe fashion show snapshot from 1992! Suitable sizes: M to large L Bust: 36 inches Waist: 31 inches Length: 31 inches

  • Van Gogh-Esque Y2K shirt

    Starry, starry night… …is the song that comes to mind with this Van Gogh-Esque Y2K shirt. Very snug and comfortable, and great as a layering piece. Has a slight peplum flare at the bottom. Suitable sizes: S to L Bust: 35 inches (stretchable up to 45 inches) Length: 24 inches Material: Cotton and polyester

  • Sleepwear Set

    This adorable sleepwear set is meant for staying at home! Both pieces can be separated, and of course the top can be worn as part of a regular outfit. The cloth feels smooth and soft against the skin. Would recommend for petite girls as the outer layer is meant to be a cute oversized fit (Our model is….not petite!) Brand new, tags removed for washing. ? Approximate size: S to M (tagged size L) Inner dress Bust: 32 inches (stretchable) Waist: Straight cut Length: 38 inches (including straps) Outer layer Bust: 44 inches Length: 18 inches Material: Polyester/lycra

  • Red Blouse with a Vivid Baroque motif

    This 1980s red blouse with a vivid Baroque motif has incredible color and quality – does not fade in the wash and the material is quite sturdy! Very versatile piece that can be tucked in or worn loose — it looks great either way. Suitable sizes: M to XL Bust: 44 inches Length: 27 inches

  • Dress by Katharine Ross

    Another quintessentially 1980s dress by Katharine Ross with a pussybow tie in front (can be styled different ways!). Sleeveless. The color of the dots is closer to beige against a dark grey – not too striking and demure. Looks great juxtaposed with an outer layer. Feels like it came from a Ghibli movie! Bust: 36 inches Waist: Elastic (Max 31 inches) Length: 38 inches Material: Polyester

  • Vintage Blouse

    This is one of the most heartwarming and amusing vintage finds ever! Upon inspection, this lovely yellow beauty is discovered to be a quaintly handmade one — the insides are sewn the way you might approach wrapping a book. (DM us if you’re curious to see!) Nevertheless, it’s a piece made with love with good quality material. Comes with detachable shoulder pads. Adopt it? Suitable sizes: M to large L Bust: 37 inches Length: 27 inches Material: Polyester

  • Vintage Eva Laurel Blouse

    This vintage Eva Laurel blouse from the United States is definitely a rare find. Who says monochromatic clothes have to be boring? Comes with a unique collar with a scarf that has a clasp in the middle. You can also opt to tie it together instead! Love the pattern on this one! ? Suitable sizes: M to XL Bust: 44 inches Length: 25.5 inches Sleeves: 23.5 inches Material: Polyester

  • Bold Dress

    This sleek, bold dress by French designer brand Carven makes a statement in the subtlest way. One of those pieces that you must have in your wardrobe! Suitable sizes: Fuller M to L (A belt would be recommended if you’re size M, like the model) Bust: 38 inches Waist: 34 inches Length: 45 inches Outer layer: 60% triacetate and 40% polyester Inner layer: Cupra 100% Made in Japan RM 50

  • Calvin Klein Dress

    This Calvin Klein Dress features some artful ruching at the side which accentuates the body perfectly. Features an interesting geometric neckline that is enhanced by the white colored lining. Suitable sizes: M to small L Bust: 36 inches Waist: 29.5 inches Length: 39 inches Shell: 63% Polyester 33% Rayon 4% Spandex Lining: 100% Polyester

  • Black Velvet Dress

    Velvet is usually a tricky material to wear – but this matte piece by Michel Klein Paris is velvet done right, being feminine in all the right ways. Not thick, suitable for Malaysian weather, and lined on the inside for maximum comfort. Note the subtle lace trim around the edges and the little ribbon in the front. Very much a LBD! Suitable size: S to M Bust: 34 inches (Comfortably stretches to an additional 1-2 inches) Waist: 29 inches Length: 39 inches Velvet is 100% Cotton Lining and lace 100% polyester

  • American vintage dress

    This lovely, romantic American vintage dress features an embroidered floral collar with white trim that contrasts nicely with the black. Has buttons down the front. Would fit great on plus sized ladies too! Suitable size: L to XL (For reference, model is size M – needs to be paired with a belt) Bust: 41 inches Waist: 39 inches Length: 52.5 inches 60% Rayon 40% Acetate

  • Vintage button-up Black Blouse

    This beautiful vintage button-up features black lace embellishments around the collar with flat gold rimmed buttons. Hangs very beautifully on the body with its structured pleats and bold cutting. The pictures don’t do it justice! Suitable size: S to M (Would recommend for girls with smaller busts due to the pleats) Shoulders: 33 inches Bust: 35 inches flat Length: 26 inches Outer Shell 65% acetate 35% polyester Inner lining 100% cupra

  • Black Dress

    This vintage dress is of great quality with an understated elegance. Love the subtle details below the waist. A dress of endless styling possibilities Suitable size: S to M Bust: 34 inches Waist: 28 inches Length: 42.5 inches Outer shell 65% acetate 35% polyester Inner lining 100% cupra

  • Black Dress

    This dress is an incredibly sweet piece with a detachable ribbon collar and a beautifully pleated skirt. Made of very sturdy material. The skirt is attached to the inner lining while the top hangs over it, creating a two-piece effect. Suitable size: S to M Bust: 35 inches Waist: 28 inches (Elastic – stretchable up to an additional 3 inches) Length: 43 inches Outer shell 100% polyester Inner layer 100% cupra

  • Evening clutch

    Major Audrey Hepburn vibes! Evening clutch by Japanese brand Axes Femme. Condition is 10/10, inside looks new. Swipe to the last picture to see what it can fit! Length: 8 inches (opening)/10.5 inches (bottom) Height: 5.5 inches Width: 2.5 inches

  • Evening Bag

    Another elegant creation by Axes Femme. An evening bag that features a clasp in the shape of a crown Interior is completely new. Has a defect Length: 10 inches Height: 4.5 inches Width: 2 inches

  • Eyelet lace sleeveless dress

    A pastel pink, eyelet lace sleeveless dress. Lovely color. Lined on the inside, but nude undergarments would be suggested to pair with this as the color is rather light. Zipper on the back. Brand new with tag. Good quality! Recommended for: S to M (best fits M) Bust: 36 inches Length: 34 inches Waist: 31 inches

  • Pink Vintage Dress

    A pretty pink vintage piece with a detachable floral fabric brooch. In extremely good condition (like new). Very ladylike and demure. Recommended for: M to small L Bust: 36 inches Waist: 31 inches Length: 40 inches

  • Pastel yellow pure cotton dress

    Pastel yellow pure cotton dress with a wonderfully colorful Mexican print. Buttons down the back with an elastic waist. Very comfortable and airy. Recommended for: S to small L Bust: 42 inches Waist: Up to 38 inches Length: 40 inches

  • Off White Dress Set

    This dress (elegantly) screams luxury and class! Golden buttons down the middle with a small breast pocket and two side pockets. Straight cut. Lined on the inside. It used to have a detachable collar/scarf (see picture of clasp buttons), but sadly it’s gone when we came across this vintage piece. To make up for it, we are including a free scarf that we personally picked out – a double sided green neck scarf that’s 100% silk so you can live your finest dreams Suitable for: S to M Bust: 36 inches Waist: 36 inches Length: 44 inches scarf included as a set

  • Lime green dress

    This lime green dress is such an iconic piece! Cowl neckline with a big button to match and a very flattering cut. Fabric has mild stretch. Material is sturdy and not too thick, suitable for Malaysian weather. Suitable for: S to small M Bust: 34 inches Waist: 30 inches Length: 36 inches

  • Purple-grey blouse by Atelier Ai

    Beautiful purple-grey blouse by Atelier Ai that features semi-transparent collar and sleeves. Intricate detailing with faux pearl buttons at the cuffs. Tiny pinholes at the back, not too visible when worn. Reflected in price Bust: 38 inches Length: 20 inches Sleeve: 23 inches

  • Lilac purple dress with embroidered collar

    Beautiful lilac purple dress with embroidered collar. Zipper down the back. Pastel simplicity at its best Recommended for: S to M Bust: 34 inches Waist: 29 inches Length: 38.5 inches