Live sales on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube Live with a proper e-commerce marketplace platform

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Do you want to start your own business, but you don’t know how or where to sell your products or where to begin? Then, with today’s advancement in technology and with the power of social media, it is possible to sell any product you want just from the comfort of your house.

Nowadays, with the never-ending hustle and trying to juggle the work, studies, family, and me-time people prefer to watch videos than read long articles describing the qualities of your product and even buy products online often from live sales. So, what is a live sale and how to organize one?

One of the greatest ways to conduct live sales is going Live on Facebook. First, you will need to set a business account and have a phone or a laptop, and you can start to stream online and sell your product. The uniqueness of live sales on Facebook is that live sales watched three times more often than pre-recoded ones, also, live sales allow you to interact with the audience, answer to questions, show the quality of your products, and have higher chances to sell any product, since Facebook designed to push live videos compared to lone photo posts. Moreover, live sales on Facebook, create a character and adds personality to your page, therefore it makes it more attractive for customers. As well as, on your personal business page on Facebook, it is easy to promote your broadcast by advertising exclusive deals, such as discounts, prizes, you can even add gamification features so the customers and viewers of your broadcast involved in the live sale and more interested in buying your products.

Facebook page can provide recognition and promote your products and your business page; however, it is still hard to conduct payments, keep track of returns and refunds therefore it is best to create a business account for your products on a proper e-commerce platform.

If the primary focus of your business is vintage, collectibles, and pre-loved items the best proper e-commerce platform for you is, Lokein. Lokein is a trustworthy e-commerce marketplace, where a seller can sell almost everything; clothes, accessories, video games, electronics, furniture, etc. Also, it provides a 100% guarantee of secure payment with safe checkout. As well as, the platform has gamification features, which means you can create a voucher code for your regular customers or for exclusive customers who participate in your live sales on Facebook. Moreover, it is easy to register your business account in Lokein and you will never have to worry about handling the payments, delivery services the Lokein platform handles it for you. To sell live on Facebook with a help of the propper e-commerce platform you just have to give a link to each product you want to sell and place a picture and description on your Lokein product page. Lokein Seller App can be downloaded in a form of an app from Google Play Store, as well as it runs on a desktop and you can manage your account from your laptop, mobile phone, etc. with mobile friendly interface. Just like this, start selling online on Facebook Live, and do not forget to include your Lokein account, it will help your business to run without a hiccup. 
Register your business at Lokein today – Register as Seller.

Live sales happening on Facebook Live leveraging Lokein Online Marketplace auction features. Click link below to watch.

Live sales are now very popular; therefore, a lot of e-commerce platforms created a new feature such as live streaming. For instance, Shopee has a feature such as online streaming, same as Live Sales on Facebook. To live stream in Shopee, you just have to register your account as a seller and fill up some information. But, before streaming online you will have to include details such as the duration of your stream, what products you are going to sell and promote, prepare the giveaways, and of course, advertise and set the time for your broadcast. Live streams in Shopee will help you to promote your page and your products, as well as it will help you to be recognized as a reliable seller since you interact with your customers and they can see that you are a person just like them and it helps to create a personality for your page. The few main tips before streaming online on Shopee is to get ready, create a theme for your products, for instance, “Today’s theme is cocktail dresses, beachwear or baby products, etc.” that will attract only the customers who are actually interested in buying your product. Also, try to provide details and information about your products and have a cheerful, lively host who is not afraid of the camera.

In addition to that, you can do Facebook live sales with other proper e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Grailed, Etsy, eBay, etc. Just don’t forget to follow the rules & regulations of on these online market platforms and you can Sell Live Now.

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