Lokein Money Back Guarantee

Lokein Money Back Guarantee protect users by releasing the payment to Seller after the Buyer confirms that they have received their order and have satisfied with the order. Once Buyer accepts the order and click on “Item Received”, the payment will be released to Seller.

Lokein Money Back Guarantee period consists of Days to Ship and Estimated Delivery Time and Buyer Inspection & Confirmation Time, starting from payment confirmation date.

For example of a scenario:

  1. Order was paid on March 1st
  2. Days to Ship = 3 Days
  3. Estimated Delivery Time = 4 Days
  4. Buyer Inspection & Confirmation Time = 3 Days
  5. Lokein Money Back Guarantee Period: 3 (Days to Ship) + 4 (Estimated Delivery Time) + 3 (Buyer Confirmation Time) = 10 days

Buyers can expect to receive the orders within the 10 days after payment has been confirmed.

For more information on Estimated Delivery Time, please proceed here.

If you have not received your product before the final day of the 10 days period, please request for a refund before the Lokein Money Back Guarantee period ends and as soon as it ends, buyer can no longer request refund for that specific transaction.

To learn more on how refund works, please read on Return and Refund Process.