7 Online Vintage Clothing Stores You’ll Want To Bookmark


Nowadays, a retro and vintage look is vogue. If you want to be outstanding, unique, original; vintage clothes are the right choice. Vintage, retro clothes may be found in thrift and pre-loved stores which makes them eco-friendly. No more running after the latest trends and spending thousands on clothes, which will be out of trend next month after you bought them. Get your own style and find your individuality with vintage and retro look, check out these 7 online vintage clothing stores which you’ll want to bookmark.

1.    Chaosrareclothing

Chaosrareclothing is definitely an online vintage clothing store that you have to bookmark. Chaosrareclothing store primarily focuses on vintage unisex tees, therefore if you are into vintage clothes or you want to buy a collectible clothes for your friends, this is a store that is not going to let you down. The majority, of the clothes Chaosrareclothing sells, is band tees from popular decades, as well as cartoon characters from the 1980s and 1990s. This vintage clothing store is not about selling, it is about a piece of clothes that touches your memories from childhood. In this online store, you can find vintage t-shirts such as phantom of the opera, original Harley Davidson, Suntory Japan, etc. As well as, awesome vintage accessories are available here. Chaosrareclothing also offers varieties of vintage jackets, sweaters, pants, shirts, hoodies, etc. All clothes are adequately priced, the seller is trustworthy and efficient, and all the procedures of payment are held through guaranteed safe online marketplace Lokein, once the payment is done you will not have to worry about anything else, payments, delivery, everything is taken care for you. I have already placed my order since vintage clothing always stands out.

2. Style Tribute

If you are into luxury design, and expensive vintage clothes then Style Tribute is for you. Style Tribute sells only authentic vintage clothes at a relatively low price. Style Tribute generally focusses on vintage luxury clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, etc for everybody women, men, children; if you are looking for a Hermes bag, Cartier bracelet, and other luxury accessories and clothes, you will be looking at the right place. As well as, in this vintage store, you can find a cloth or accessories of a specific designer that you looking for. Clothes and accessories that you are maybe struggling to find, can be just waiting for you at Style Tribute.

3. Zalora

Are you invited for a theme party dedicated to the 70s, 80s, 90s fashion then you will be able to find the right clothes for you at Zalora. Zalora offers vintage clothes mixed with modern designs and new materials. In Zalora, retro and vintage clothes are divided into your own collection and category, so your search already made it easier for you. Additionally, Zalora is one of the trusted online marketplaces in Malaysia; it is quite well known, trustworthy, and easy to use.


If you are looking for a dress or a skirt inspired by old fashion decades OOTD is an exact place where you should look for it. The vintage collection of the OOTD online store offers varieties of modest dresses in maxi and midi length, majority of the dresses do not show cleavage and have unique vintage prints that you are not able to find in modern clothes. OOTD online store sells only womenswear, if you are looking for a unique you will not regret checking out this place.

5. By.aween

For Malaysians out there who are into pastel colors, fewer prints vintage Pisces by.aween offers a great choice of clothes. Especially, in this store, you will find a modest, long skirt, blouses, etc. which serves great for Muslim wear. You can go ahead and check out their Instagram page to look at vintage clothes that will suit everybody. By.aween as well as a physical that you can review.

6. Ozai_bundle

One of the popular thrift and vintage stores in Malaysia with over 14k followers on Instagram. The majority of the products they sell its unisex sports clothes from famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Champion, Kappa, GAP, etc. However, the difference between the actual shops of these brands that it offers unique tracksuits, sweatpants, and even shoes.

7. Dress me vintage

Probably one of the best online vintage stores for womenswear. All clothes from the dress me vintage is completely unique and retro-inspired, you can find all kind of prints polka dots, flower prompts, stripes, checks, etc. Also, this online store has a clean web site that is easy to read and use. As well as, a very helpful online service, where you can ask any question and they will answer dor sure. Dress me vintage claims that the clothes of their shop are nothing like, I guess it is your time to check that statement out and find your new style.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out other sellers that we have in Lokein for more vintage clothing, shoes & accessories via this link.

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