5 reasons preloved shopping is gaining popularity


Preloved shopping can be defined as buying an item that someone had owned before or had loved them before. In general, most of us know the term as second-hand item. Some might called it ‘preloved fashion’. In 2019 alone, preloved is gaining so much popularity. We could see thrift stores anywhere in the world are exploding in sales whether online or brick & mortar. There are lots of reasons for this and these are the 5 most popular reasons.

1. Secondhand clothing cost less
You can have a piece of great designer collections or expensive brands clothing at a fraction amount of its original price. You can actually “upgrade” the value of your wardrobe with luxury designers that make classic, quality, sustainable clothing—all without breaking the budget.

2. There is a market for preloved fashion
Second-hand clothing with a great value of quality can always be re-sell at a great bargaining price. Some of us had been receiving a decent amount of money by selling second-hand clothing and for some it has become a source of income or a full-time career. Of course, you need to know what preloved clothing are in order to sell and get a high return for your investment. However, the supply and demand existed and there is always a way to make money from it.

3. Fast fashion isn’t sustainable
With the rapid growth in technology of textiles and low labour cost, low-quality goods usually produced in mass quantities and is offered at a low price in big retail stores. This allow the customers to be “on trend” and ditch the items after the season is over (or after the item fallen apart). However, by shopping preloved fashion it will reduce the contribution to this unsustainable fashion market. You’re not only able to save time and money by not throwing the low-quality clothing in the dustbin, but you will also have a very good quality, branded and gorgeous collections for your clothing selection.

4. You’re standout from the crowd
When you buy second-hand clothes, you are potentially to find unique and retro pieces. This is a great fashion reason to adopt this buying habit. No one wants to wear what everyone else is wearing and we want our unique fashion sense to shine through. Pre-loved goods will bring you to the top of your fashion game because you will have access to so many different styles. As you are able to afford, there will be  more room for experimentation.

5. Sometimes, second-hand is as good as new
There is no doubt that you could find a rare pieces of collection when thrifting through preloved clothing which is never been worn or still sealed in its original packaging. Don’t always judge a second-hand goods as junk. Sometimes, it could make a fortune.

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